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WellGear, your well specialist

providing clean, safe, and efficient energy services
Over 300 employees
Over 700 successful
well projects
Five global locations
World's first
hydrogen snubbing operation
World's first
all-electric HWO package

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Advanced engineering for safe, efficient and sustainable oil and gas, geothermal, gas storage and salt cavern well operations.


Investing in tomorrow

Since its foundation, WellGear contributed to improving the efficiency in the energy services sector and giving land and sea used for well operations back to nature again. Today, WellGear remains committed to safe, clean and efficient development of its operations, and the sustainability in the energy services for future generations.

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The next generation

In-house designed modular equipment allows for optimum in efficiency and technological leadership.

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NAM Crew

Working together

Our people are regarded as some of the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. We harness this expertise with ongoing training and development. Our collaborative culture welcomes diverse thinking and new ideas – turning them into valuable solutions for our clients.

Who we are

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