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Small oil producing platform in UK North Sea, with wells nearing the end of their productive life. ESPs have been utilised as an artificial lift method to increase flow from the wellbore and increase production. The pumps have a limited life span so WellGear was employed to retrieve the existing pumps and replace the new ones to get the wells back up and producing. To accomplish this, a full workover of the well was required and new completion run with the installation of new pumps and control line.

Project Scope

  • 6 Wells
  • Recover existing ESPs and completion
  • Perform clean up run if required
  • Run new ESP assembly and new completion


WG004 460K modular unit was used to carry out the project along with a full WellGear pumping package. The freestanding design of WG004 HWU was ideal for the small platform with efficient skidding between wells.

Thoughtful logistics planning was also necessary and key throughout the project duration due to space limitation for both personnel and equipment. A tight-knit crew was utilised to deliver the project successfully.

General Process

  • Slickline was rigged up through the HWU and used to retrieve the two plugs previously set during the pre-work.
  • Hanger pulled, retrieving and clean up run completed
  • Retrieved wear bushing and ran new ESP assembly and completion
  • Re-installed tubing hanger, rig down and handed well back over to production


  • Project finished Q4 2020
  • 6 wells completed
  • Successful team work observed between all parties
  • Crew adapted to and worked well with customers specific well control methods