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While carrying out a Plug and Abandonment (P&A) campaign on a UK North Sea oil and gas platform, several wells required a perf wash cement (PWC) to set a safe environmental barrier. PWC, as part of the abandonment process, involves perforating the casing, washing through the perforations and setting a cement plug through the casing to create a laterally extensive barrier from formation to formation.


Abandon the routine well in accordance to the Oil and Gas UK Abandonment Guidelines, the customers well abandonment manual and supplementary UK requirements.

  • Pull tubing hanger and 7" x 5-1/2" completion
  • 800ft cement plug to be set in wellbore
  • E-line to complete cement log and set 9-5/8" bridge plug
  • PWC cement plug to be set using Archer Barricade tool


The well was successfully plugged and abandoned using the WG003 340K HWU.

The Tubing hanger was pulled using a spear assembly and 10,000ft of 7" x 5-1/2" completion recovered. An 800ft cement plug was set in the wellbore at a depth of 8400ft. E-line was rigged up through the unit to set the 9-5/8" bridge plug. The PWC cement plug was set at 6000ft

PWC Process

  • Run in hole to target depth with TCP gun BHA
  • Detonate TCP guns to perforate casing
  • Pull out of hole and retrieve guns
  • Run in hole with barricade tool BHA and wash through perforated zone, top down
  • Pull up to top perforations and wash down through perforated zone
  • Perform bottoms up circulation whilst rotating
  • Displace spacer across perforated zone
  • Cement across perforated zone
  • Cement across perforated zone from bottom up
  • Circulate well clean and pull out of hole

To perforate zone was washed down with a pump rate of 7.5bbls/min at 600psi. Fluid returned to the shakers was monitored throughout the operation. On completion of the washes of the perforated zone, a bottoms up circulation was completed with the string rotated at 40rpm during the circulation. The spacer then pumped followed by the cement.


  • Environmental barrier set
  • 28 days spent on well
  • 10 days to complete PWC
  • 20,802ft of drill pipe tripped in hole