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Engineered and built to meet operational demands, our custom-built units are designed for flexibility and efficiency
007 Workbasket

Setting a new standard

When we formed WellGear in 2015, Hydraulic Workover Unit (HWO) equipment had become outdated. The opportunity to design a more efficient and sustainable alternative was clear. We quickly got to work designing, building, and operating the next generation of units. Today, we continue to invest and innovate – reducing our carbon footprint with the first all-electric HWO unit. A global leader in our field, our compact and modular HWO’s have created a new standard in performance, successfully completing over 700 well operations worldwide.

Below more detailed information on our units is displayed

Flori Cultura

Best in high quality services, and safety standards

Our state-of-art inhouse designed equipment allows us to serve our customers with best safety standards and high quality services. These values and investments in the best equipment helped us to be the first company with an all electric HWO package. In addition, We also managed to be the first to execute a hydrogen snubbing operation. It is our mission to stay the most innovative player, and therefore, we keep investing in the best equipment the coming years

Electric Power Packs


The pioneering, modular design of our 340K Hydraulic Workover (HWO) and Snubbing unit makes it a leader in its field.

By pre-connecting fixed hydraulics and electrics to the source, the 340K has removed the need for separate console lifting – reducing rig up times.
The 340K's 15" stroke offers more flexibility than the standard 10" stroke.
Exit to the unit using stairs and ladders offers a safer access solution.
The 340K Units can be configured to suit P&A, Snubbing and Workover operations.

  • Small footprint
  • Hydraulic Fast Connectors
  • Minimum hoses
  • No separate hose consoles required
  • 15" stroke
  • API 4-F specification
  • Dual access and egress
  • Plug-and-play, fast connector hydraulics
460k pa cropped

460K P&A

Custom-built, our 460K Plug and Abandonment (P&A) Unit has a small footprint and modular design for a simple setup.

The large bore (37.5") supports full well abandonment from pulling a completion to conductor recovery.
The 460K P&A unit can also be easily adapted for hydraulic workover projects when required.

  • Guide and pin modular assembly – reducing set-up and rig down times
  • Free-standing and no guy wires
  • Thru-bore of 37.5" able to perform complete cycle of well abandonment
  • Jack position is ideal for platforms with limited crane height
  • Power swivel increases rotary capabilities
  • Reduced number of hoses to seven – from Unit to Hydraulic Power Unit
460k land Job


A large operator console, increased work areas, enclosed decks, internal access via stairs (replacing ladders) and two safety escape chutes from the workbasket.

These are only some of the advanced design features that increase the safety and performance of the 460K HWO and Snubbing unit.

DNV 2.7-1 certified, the 460K unit can be lifted straight from a vessel, replacing the need for multi-container lifts – minimising risk to personnel and reducing rig uptime. Freestanding and with the rotary integrated into the travel plate, the 460K unit removes the need for guide wires. A 15” stroke (compared to the traditional 10” stroke) adds even more operational efficiency.

  • 15” stroke
  • Freestanding – no guide wires required
  • Internal stair access
  • Lift straight from the vessel
  • Small footprint

Concentric SNUBBING

One of the greatest snubbing challenges is pipe buckling between the travelling and stationary slips.

Our standalone 225K Concentric Unit for onshore and offshore snubbing and workover operations solves the problem. A concentric jack enables the jointed pipe to be efficiently and safely snubbed in whole – with no buckling.

The modular unit is designed for efficient rig up and is also ideal for frac plug milling and thru-bore operations.

  • Modular concept, guide and pin assembly reducing set-up and rig down times
  • Free-standing, no guy wires
600k PA

600K P&A

Our 600k P&A Unit comes with a high pulling capacity, large thru bore and gin pole designed to deploy heavy bottom hole assembly (BHA) for well section milling.

The unit’s Modular, pinned connection design ensures rapid rig up and rig downtimes. The 15" strike increases the efficiency and flexibility of the unit compared to the traditional 10" stroke.

The bespoke blowout preventer (BOP) substructure is capable of handling BOP's up to 21-1/4" with the ability to change them while the unit is in situation.

  • Modular concept, guide and pin assembly reducing set-up and rig downtimes
  • Free-standing, no guy wires
  • Thru-bore of 37.5" able to perform the complete cycle of well abandonment
  • 600k jack – the first of its kind

Specifications 340K HWO/SNUBBING

Pull Capacity Push Capacity Stroke Thru-bore Main Winch Pull Capacity CB Winch Pull Capacity Rotary (High) Rotary (Low)
340,000 Lbs 170,000 Lbs 15 ft 21.5" 11,000 Lbs 5,500 Lbs 80 RPM @ 12,000 ft-lbs 40 RPM @ 24,000 ft-lbs

Specifications 460K HWO/SNUBBING

Pull Capacity Push Capacity Stroke Thru-bore Main Winch Pull Capacity CB Winch Pull Capacity Rotary (High) Rotary (Low)
460,000 Lbs 230,000 Lbs 15 ft 14.5" 11,000 Lbs 5,500 Lbs 80 RPM @ 11,000 ft-lbs 40 RPM @22,000 ft-lbs

Specifications 600k P&A

Pull Capacity Stroke Thru-bore Main Winch Pull Capacity CB Winch Pull Capacity
600,000 Lbs 15 ft 27.5" 27,500 Lbs 5,500 Lbs

Specifications Concentric SNUBBING

Pull Capacity Push Capacity Stroke Thru-bore CB Winch Pull Capacity
225,000 Lbs 100,000 Lbs 16 ft 7-5/8" 3,300 Lbs