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Sustainable energy services

WellGear plays an important role in the energy transition. Since its foundation, WellGear contributed to improving the efficiency in the energy services sector and giving back used land for well operations to nature again. Today WellGear is still committed on the sustainable development of its operations, and the sustainability in the energy services for future generations. Furthermore, we help the world to implement more sustainable energy sources via geothermal energy.


Efficient energy services

Our intervention operations help increasing performance of existing wells. We provide well intervention services while the well is alive, and there is no need of killing the well during our operations. This implies that there are less new wells required to deliver the same required energy needs, because our operations make wells perform better, and we do not have temporary shut down well operations.

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WellGear offers safe decommissioning services. In the coming decades a large number of wells need to be decommissioned. WellGear is perfectly equipped to assist in decommissioning and clean up these oil and gas fields.

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World's first hydrogen snubbing operation

WellGear has safely executed world's first snubbing operation under hydrogen conditions. This mile stone underlines WellGears innovative and progressive character regarding its well services. WellGears aims to increase executing its snubbing services under full hydrogen conditions. These snubbing services allow wells to operate more efficient, which helps to decrease demand for new exploration activities

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Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is originated from the heat within in the earth. This energy source is renewable, because this heat is continuously produced from the inner core of the earth. WellGear is part of the value chain that helps more and more people to connect to this renewable energy source. This underlines the role of WellGear in the energy transition towards a cleaner energy future.

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Gas storage

The storage of gas plays an important role in the energy transition. Sustainable energy, such as wind and solar, are capricious in their supply. This makes the storage of gas an essential buffer to meet the demand of energy during periods of low sustainable energy supply. WellGear is specialist in abandoning, working over, dewatering, and the dry recompletion of gas storage wells.