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Decommissioning services

WellGear plays a vital role in cleaning up used wells for future generations

When a well reaches the end of its life it must be plugged and abandoned (P&A).

Decommissioning a well is often more challenging than constructing one. Heavy pulling, big bore tubular handling and significant pump capacity can see P&A jobs costing the same as the original drilling operation- especially when combined with the cost of reviving old platform drilling facilities.

A WellGear P&A unit could be the perfect solution

Cost effective alternative

Operated by our team of experienced engineers, our custom-built P&A Hydraulic Workover Units (HWU’s) offer an efficient, sustainable, cost effective alternative to conventional P&A methods. Compact, safe and mobile, the HWU’s are designed to deliver the heavy handling required for P&A, within a limited platform crane capacity and smaller footprint. Our operational experience has demonstrated that WellGear HWU’s can be much more efficient for P&A , both in terms of time and cost, when compared with a platform derrick. From surface to reservoir, our engineering experience and world-leading HWU technology will ensure you transform your P&A performance.

Conductor Removal

Conductor removal can be one of the most technically challenging final steps in the plug and abandonment (P&A) process. Structural integrity, talon connectors, repair clamps and poor cement are all factors that can add to the complexity of the operation. Our experienced crews operate our range of safe and efficient custom engineered tools, developed to meet the technical conductor removal challenge.

Cutting and Pinning

We have designed and built a range of cutting and pinning machines specifically for conductor removal. Our dual pinning machines quickly and efficiently bore through multiple casing strings to allow them to be pinned together. This allows for safe lifting and minimizes the risk of dropped objects when removing old casings with impaired integrity.

Dunlin Conductors

Our custom-built units can pull up to 600,000lbs and have and have a through bore of up to 37.5”

Our dual pinning machines can bore quickly and efficiently through multiple casing strings, including cement.

  • HWO units with large through bore and high pulling capacity
  • Dual pinning machines to allow casings & conductors to be pinned for safe removal
  • Diamond wire saw to cut casings & conductors
Cutting video placeholder

Custom built cutting equipment for well P&A

  • Diamond wire saw – cuts up to 30” pipe
  • Cold work – no need for hot work permits
  • Saw design exerts a minimal load on the conductor during cutting
Electric Powerpack

Electric efficiency

Our new generation of electric power packs further enhance the efficiency of our units by removing the need for diesel power units. Our electric power packs reduce onsite CO2 emissions to zero, significantly reduce noise pollution at site and their reliability increases the overall up time of the unit.