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Formed in 2015, WellGear proved to be leader in well intervention and decommissioning services by using the most innovative inhouse designed equipment. With locations all over the world, we are a global player known for its high quality service, and best safety standards.

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Investing in our people

A team of over 200, our people are regarded as some of the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. We harness this expertise with ongoing training and development. Our collaborative culture welcomes diverse thinking and new ideas – turning them into valuable solutions for our clients.

We are always looking for ambitious people who want to join us and want contribute to innovative energy services

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Engineering excellence

WellGear was created to innovate. Our engineers are always looking for a better way to solve problems, add value and increase efficiency. We are relentless in our mission to always improve equipment and operations.

Through pioneering equipment design and set-up, our engineering expertise solves the most challenging operational problems.

Leading by example

  • First HWO units approved by the Shell Global Rig Start-Up team
  • First to have two units operating simultaneously on one platform
  • Our global sites contain state-of-the-art training and R&D facilities, with the on-site capacity to prepare equipment for offshore transportation.
  • The only HWO Unit provider, so far, to deploy swarfless technology for section milling (No swarf to surface)

Taking responsibility

Making energy production more sustainable is inherent to WellGear's business model.

Moreover, reducing emissions and providing our services in the most efficient manner with minimal impact on the environment is a priority for WellGear. Good examples are the use of electric powerpacks, and we recently even introduced an all-electric HWO unit. More innovations will follow, as we support our client’s energy transition objectives.